Friday, October 2, 2009

Ramona trip with the guys, 2009

Some of us guys got away for a few days without the wives and headed down to Ramona for a hike, some football and relaxation (with a few pranks mixed in as well). From left to right we have Tyler, Tim, myself, Kyle, Marshall, Gabe, Dale, Loyd, Mikey, Tino and Ray.
Romona Hike
It was very HOT for a hike but we survived, just barely! It felt like 95 to 100 degrees! Dale, Tino, Ray and I hiked to the Devils Punchbowl and back (about a 4 mile hike) while the rest went even further. Below is the trail we all took.
IMG_0525-31 Stitch
This shot and a few others here and in my album were stitched together using
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Devils Punch Bowl Stitch2
The Devils Punchbowl
(Ray’s bummed the waterfall wasn’t flowing)
I was not of the majority that went further, and kind of glad since we all ran out of water 3/4 of the way back to the cars. The main reason I didn’t continue further was because halfway to the Devils Punchbowl, one of my boots decided to have a wardrobe malfunction and just as we got to the Punchbowl the other decided to do the same.
 IMG_0576 IMG_0578
I guess it was so HOT the glue melted causing the heal to separate from the boot creating flip-flops. Maybe I should patent this idea, or NOT! Never again will I buy Stanley boots.
Good thing Mikey had some string from his backpack that I could use to keep it from totally coming apart and keep it from flopping around for the most part but this kept me from hiking up to the top of the waterfall and beyond. Maybe next year!
Here is a shot of Loyd at the top, just left of the waterfall (unfortunately, no water was falling this time of year).
Devils Punch Bowl 003 (2)
We played a few games of football. On the day we got to Ramona on Friday and another on Sunday. Here’s a shot before the game.
IMG_0680-81 Stitch
Here we’re getting ready to ambush a car load that was late getting to RamonaIMG_0518
testing out a Dry Ice Bomb for later use
Now available, an edited version of the Dry ice bomb
Edited by Marshall Faust
and some relaxation! (Card game “Wipe Out”)
IMG_1878 IMG_1877
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  1. Very nicely put together... Cool stuff George.

  2. Thanks Marshall, Hope to get a few more videos up and pix from Dale and Tino as well.

  3. Looks like you guys had a blast. Glad you got my dad movin (Ray). All the best, Des