Friday, June 12, 2009

Push-Ups - Week ending in failure but feeling pumped!


Well, the week for the One Hundred Push Up program ended in failure but I still feel really pumped and I am definitely  feeling stronger! Monday I will Conquer Week 2 Day 1!!!  It’s mine!

My weeks workout:
Week 1 Day 3 -
Week 2 Day 1 - - FAILED!
Week 2 Day 1 - - FAILED!

I should mention, Erik, Jeff and I took up biking this week (all are welcome to join us). And I feel that has zapped a lot of energy out of me. I also feel that leaning over the bars for an hour or two is definitely impacting my push-ups. I failed miserable on Wednesday’s workout after doing a 13 mile bike ride (Back Bay Loop) on Monday.

We did another 12 to 13 mile ride yesterday, again the Back Bay Loop. I felt a lot better after that ride compared to the first one. I’m sure it impacted today’s push-ups. Even though I failed, I didn’t fail as miserably as I did on Wednesday.


Back Bay Loop – Jamboree Rd.

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