Friday, June 12, 2009

Buy iTunes gift card get Rolando FREE


Have you tried out the Lite version of Rolando? It’s a fun little game. If you want the full version for FREE, head down to Best Buy (or online, wasn’t working for me) and they have this deal: Buy any iTunes gift card and get a free App card to download Rolando, the highly addictive and interactive game from ngmoco.

For iPod Touch users, this is a good deal since June 17th the 3.0 Software Update comes out and it will cost $9.95, iPhone users get the update for free, so the gift card will come in handy.

Not sure how long the deal is going on for but I just got back from Best Buy with the deal. I purchased the $15.00 gift card and received Rolando gift card FREE.


If you’re a heavy iTunes purchaser, Costco is having a deal on iTunes Gift Cards starting 6/15/09 – 6/21/09, $60 bundle pack for only $49.99. $10.00 savings, not bad.

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