Friday, June 5, 2009

Push-Ups - How many pounds are you pushing-up?

fat man doing pushup scale copy

Well, I FAILED! For the One Hundred Push Up program Week 1 Day 3, the max set was to do at least 10. I only did 8! Looks like I’ll be starting this week all over again!

My weeks workouts:
Week 1 Day 1 -
Week 1 Day 2 -
Week 1 Day 3 -

I know I’m getting stronger by doing push-ups every other day but moving down to column 2 and looking at how many less push-ups it is compared to column 3 where I was first placed just doesn’t make sense. But, I am determined next week to go over the max amount each day.

I was thinking, why am I having such a hard time with this? I know I’m a big guy but how much weight am I really pushing up here? Then I thought of a way to figure out how much weight I was actually lifting up per push-up. I placed a scale in front of me and held a push-up to get the figure, 185 lbs. it read!  WOW!  That’s a pretty good work out I’m doing each day. That comes out to an average of 65% to 70% depending on your body type, I presume. I push up about 68% of my body weight.

Want to do more weight per push-up, elevate your feet, the percentage goes up. I will stick to the ones on the ground for now. Jamar thinks I should dig a hole for my feet, LOL.

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