Sunday, November 1, 2009

Your FREE Personal Shopper


Those that know me personally know I am always looking  for a great deal. There are a few that have asked me if I could assist them in finding a deal over the years. Usually when I hear about a good deal I just send out an email blast to all my personal contacts that I think would be interested in a particular deal that I found. What I have decided to try is to assist EVERYONE that wants assistance in finding a deal at no cost. (I do accept tips if offered though).

I will post the deals I’m working on so that if others are interested as well, then more will benefit from my services. This will also help with locating the best deal. If someone sees a better price elsewhere then what I have found they can contact me or leave a comment with the deal that they found (direct links only please) and I will update the post.

I can’t guarantee I will find the better deal on everything but I will put forth a valiant effort. Sometimes deals come about when you don’t expect them but the deal is so hot that you want in on it before it’s gone. And trust me, the hottest of hot deals don’t last but a few hours or even a few minutes sometimes.

So what’s the catch? No catch, really. I will be supported mostly by the affiliate links I am setup with and the Google ads on my blog. The deals I find you on the net that I mark with a G: will pay me a small percentage for being an affiliate. If marked with a :D it was a freebie on me, and that’s OK because you’ll be back again, either clicking through to one of my affiliates or calling upon my services.

If you shop regularly on the net and you like the services I’m providing or have provided for you then you will be more inclined to go through my affiliate links on my blog more often, which in turn supports my efforts. It should work out if word spreads and people use my FREE services on a regular basis. You can’t Lose with FREE! It’s like having a personal shopper 24-7 doing the dirty work for you while you relax with your friends and  family sipping on champagne, or whatever your thing is.

This will only work if word spreads and you use my FREE services and/or my links on my blog regularly. So what are you waiting for, let’s start shopping!

Be sure to spread the word to anyone and everyone!

Email me Today: georgeogan at gmail dot com


PS. So, what do you think? Does this sound like something you would try or use on a regular basis?

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